3 - 12
60 min

Haunted Recording Studio escape room game

The story of Haunted Recording Studio real life escape the room game begins in 1915. Red October Revolution was in the air in Russian Empire and Bolsheviks were about to take over the power and turn country to communistic era. Best and brightest part of Russian society refuses to accept new regime and abandons the country.

They settle down in Germany, France, Austria, Greece, many other European countries, United Kingdom. United States of America becomes huge immigration destination as well. One of the escapees is Natalia Granoff, a very famous opera singer of that time. She immigrates to Los Angeles, where she relaunches her singing carrier. She does her best to make it in Hollywood.

That's where she meets famous, prosperous and influential producer Misha Glenn, who falls in love with her youth and beauty. The feelings are not mutual and to stay in touch he offers her representation, which Natalia has but to accept. She needs to record her first ever single on American soil after all.

To record her, on the very edge of Hollywood Mr. Glenn sets a brand new fashionable recording studio, stuffed with a cutting edge equipment of that time. There Natalia spends most of her time, but rather with young talented musician Zak Ozny than with Mr. Glenn. Two young artists very soon experience a feeling, which bothers Mr. Glenn. One late dark night while recording Mr. Glenn explodes and he explains himself to Natalia expressively. A huge scandal occurs in the studio and sound guy, not willing to confront his boss, excuses himself and leaves Natalia and producer alone in the studio...

No one actually knows what happened there that night, but no one ever saw opera singer ever since. Natalia Granoff disappeared. She went missing. It was a huge loud case in Hollywood: rumors, chatters etc. People talked about it, newspapers and magazines wrote about it. LAPD did its' best to investigate the case and turn producer in. But no direct evidence and no witnesses were found. Needless to say he was very powerful and influential producer and knew how to pull the strings! That's how he got away with the murder!

Rumors, chatters, word of mouth spread, so no one wanted to deal with the recording studio with such a bad reputation anymore. Thus, his business went down and pretty soon he had to close and to abandon recording studio.

Haunted Recording Studio escape room game – modern times

So it was, abandoned recording studio for a century, for hundred years, until it was bought out by one of his descendants, who decided to set it up and make it up and running as sound recording studio once again in the memory of Mr. Glenn. New equipment has been brought in and some remodeling took place. Musicians were invited to record their tracks in studio.

But no recording can be properly accomplished since mysterious sounds would go through and interfere the recording process, scary shadows in the corridor...

Word of mouth spreads fast and karma of Mr. Glenn follows his descendent. No one wants to deal with Haunted Recording Studio. That's why the decision was made to turn Haunted Recording Studio to multiple room escape game.

Now, you have 60 minutes to figure out the issue, resolve it and escape. No one knows what's going on in there for sure, but rumors say that the ghost's spirit is locked in the mirror. And to be released from there she needs to sing her final song on planet Earth. Or, maybe it's you who is up to sing and dance in order to escape? Who knows!

Some clues can help you out in Haunted Recording Studio multiple rooms escape game:

  1. creaking door will always tell you that you solved the puzzle (success);
  2. growling dogs will come through if you do something wrong while playing escape room game (cold);
  3. ghost will sing a mockingbird song once you're getting close to resolution of the puzzle (warm).

Do your best to escape from Haunted Recording Studio! If you do not do so in 60 minutes you gonna be locked in there... forever!

P.S. Don't forget to bring your flashlight!