Escape Room Games

Escape Room Games deliver you amazing real life challenging immersive experience in Los Angeles. Play smart, move fast, enjoy the experience. Sink into the atmosphere! Family reunion, fun date idea, bachelor party, friends gathering or team building – that's a perfect fit.

Real life escape the room games: the beginning

History of real life escape the room games begins in 2008 when a 35 year old Takao Kato sets up a first one in Japan. New type of entertainment gets popular and spreads throughout like a virus – over 3,000 games worldwide by the end of 2015!

The story of Escape Room Games begins in 2014 when group of enthusiast decides to incorporate in an effort to deliver best of escape game experience to Los Angeles entertainment industry. Start up takes longer than expected – first room opens it's door in February 6 th 2016. A long struggle pays off really well. Haunted Recording Studio attracts attention of both professional escapees and the beginners: atmospheric multiple rooms with a difficulty level adjusting during the game. Top rated reviews and warm feedback encourage the group to move on. Chernobyl room is the next destination.

Meantime, a next venture, Virtual Reality Games is set up. Show must go on – virtual reality escape games is very well be the reincarnation of online escape rooms.

What you need to know about Escape Room Games?

Escape Room Games in no way contain physical challenge. No physical threat and no live performance involved – no one will ever jump on you, grab you or yell at you from the dark corner. It's just puzzles, props, sound and visual effects and great atmosphere!

Basically, you can meet two types of escape rooms – real life and virtual. Well, at ERG we have both. Pay attention while booking to make sure you book the one that serves you best.

Enjoy your time in ERG!