1 - 2
60 min

Virtual Reality escape room game

VR: Vacate the Room is a first ever virtual reality escape the room game for one person. Everything as usual – hustle for clues, solve puzzle and escape from the room. What is special about this VR escape room? It's first of a kind. Does it mean you have to be alone? Well, absolutely not! Bring up to 6 hommies to hit the couch and watch you playing. Can you share? Well, there's only one restriction – one at a time. Play 10 minutes each, give each other clues, collaborate as a team. Can you bring your drinks and snacks? Hell yeah! Just promise you'll leave the place clean!

Virtual Reality escape room game: rules

You've got 1 hour to escape Virtual Reality room. Sound familiar? Wait a minute! There's something new – now you use the most of you time to enjoy experience. So, anything left to spare is not wasted – enjoy various VR games from the library once you escape successfully. 60 minutes is yours exclusively, till you're willing to share them with fiends you brought on board with you. There's no age restriction for game – as long as VR set fits your head, you're good to go! Try to escape in 60 minutes from first VR escape room for one!