Special parties

Escape Room Games offers you various packages for your birth day party or corporate teambuilding event.
Currently, we can accommodate 10 to 35 people, offering 1 to 3 escape games and similar amount of Virtual Reality experience.

Starting from 12 people and up, we will break you into teams, maximum 3 teams 12 people each. Then, team 1 will start Haunted Recording Studio and all the others will mingle in the lobby with a nice couch and table, BYOB, and play VR as well and we'll make sure our professional photographer gets you nice picture while you party. You'll eventually get a link to Google drive with 15 to 20 professionally retouched pictures of your party. Good times!
Once first team is out, second steps in and if there's a third same happens once second escapes. Whether you have 2 or 3 teams, everyone get to watch last team playing on the flat screen. We also, give off host's walkie-talkie into lobby for the last game, since you already know the drill. It's lots of fun to see your friends struggling through the puzzles you've just been through.
Once everyone is done with Haunted Recording Studio, we announce the winner team with the most minutes to spare. They'll get $50 VR gift card for future visits.
So, here are you options.

Single escape room game with a following hour of Virtual Reality Games

This package is suitable for teams from 8 to 12 people. You play Haunted Recording Studio multiple rooms real life escape game first and once you escape, your hour for mingle and VR session starts. Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes. Place is in you poses sion exclusively. Professional photos included. You're encouraged to bring your drinks and snacks and any special arrangements you want.
Regular price is $70 ($35 for escape room and $35 for 1 hour of VR) per person. Your price is $55 per person.

Call (323) 975-0735 to make your reservation.

Double escape room and 2 hours of VR simultaneously 

This package is designed for groups from 13 to 24 people inclusively. We break you into two teams. While first team is playing Haunted Recording Studio multiple rooms real life escape game, second team BYOBs in the lobby and play Virtual Reality Games. Once first team is out, second team steps into escape room and second team mingles in lobby, enjoys refreshments and (schik!) watches second team playing on the flat screen. Game master walkie-talkie goes into the lobby, helping out your friends is now your own responsibility.

Complimentary photographer, BYOB, $50 gift card for the winner team.
Regular price per person is $70. Your special package price is $45 only!

Call (323) 975-0735 to make your reservation.

Triple escape room with 3 hours of VR simultaneously

Suitable for groups from 25 to 36 people. Same deal like Double escape room package except for there's now 3 teams and 3 hours of VR session. Photos, BYOB, $50 gift card for the winner.
Regular price (you know). Your offer is $35 only! Best savings!!!
Call (323) 975-0735 to make your reservation.